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17th July 2024 

Do you wish your life was different? Are you stuck in a rut?

If you are reading this because you are curious about Hypnotherapy or a bit afraid of it, let me explain a little about the trance experience. I do not swing a watch and you will not lose control, you will only act in trance, in the ways you would normally act. Clients generally describe being in trance as a "Relaxing experience." During the course of the day, we all go in and out of trance, its a bit like day dreaming, or going on autopilot. Have you got engrossed in something you are doing and lost track of time? This is a trance like state.

So why try hypnotherapy? Well its a more focused way of working, it dramatically speeds up the work and results can be achieved in a matter of weeks.

You can improve your self confidence, self esteem and motivation by working with me. I can help you to reach your goals. Are your fears stopping you following your dreams? Do you wish your life was different? Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your fears. Think about an area of your
life that you want to change. WHAT WOULD IT BE? I can help you to build a plan of action. Help you to find the steps, you need to reach your
goals. What negative thoughts are keeping you in this mindset of 'same day, nothing ever changes for me'. I can help you to reduce the distractions that are sabotaging your journey to success. Sometimes you know what you want but it is hard to figure out the next steps and stay on course until you reach the finish line. I can help you in your journey to self development and self discovery.

How the hypnosis works: I will guide you into a focused concentration. Once you are in this relaxed state, your mind will be open to receive 'hypnotic suggestions.' These suggestions are ideas that we have discussed prior to trance for helping you to overcome an obstacle or achieve a goal. We all have hundreds of negative self beliefs running through our sub conscious. Those limiting beliefs stop 'YOU' from losing weight, eating a healthy diet, sleep well, start to exercise, give up smoking or other goals, you really can't seem to achieve. Hypnosis works by providing you with motivation to do
things you may put off or delay because of underlying, emotional issues. Hypnosis can help you change limiting beliefs, old habits, fear, anger and guilt.

Contact me to help you to get rid of yourself limiting beliefs. The ones that say; you're not clever enough, good enough, thin enough or rich enough to achieve your hearts desires.